French Furindo is manufacture french furniture of high quality handcrafted living room furniture, bedroom, dining furniture, office furniture from solid mahogany wood

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Free Finish Samples

Our prices are extremely competitive, but if you find exactly the same product and service being sold more cheaply from other supplier, we’ll match their price. If you find it within 7 days of purchasing from us, we’ll refund the difference, no questions asked.

Quality Guarantee

All our products are carefully sourced from manufacturers who share our commitment to quality, durability and value. We commit to providing excellent customer care, and go beyond standard design and finishes to fit your unique requirements.

Customized Design

Let us know if you want a custom design from the pictures, we will make a drawing from AutoCAD design such as customer requested sizes, carving, shapes. We want to give satisfaction to all our customers with the best quality and design

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